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old ferry
The ferry at Port Na Craig was established in the 12th Century by the monks of Coupar Angus, who were gifted the land of Fonab. The ferry allowed the monks to cross over to the north bank to visit the village of Moulin. To ensure a safe crossing, people would drop a coin or brass pin in to St Brides Wishing Well on the north bank.
In later times the ferry would convey horses, carts as well as passengers. In the early 1900’s it cost one penny for a return trip. Today you can cross free of charge over the suspension bridge, which was opened in 1913, and was built at a cost of £850.
Port Na Craig inn was established in 1650, nearly a hundred years before the battle of Culloden. Located at the end of the Rob Roy Way, which is one of Scotland’s more famous walks from Drymen to Pitlochry. This ancient eating, drinking and resting place has served many and has been operated under many guises since it opened its doors to the general public way back then.